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We are real people offering a connected property management service choice to Blackwater Landlords. 

With our own family investment property located in Blackwater, we understand first hand the property management challenges landlords face. 

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Responding to ongoing requests from clients we bring Rental Platform's premium level of service to Blackwater. For over 6 decades combined our staff have been assisting landlords achieve their rental strategy goals. At Rental Platform you will experience a boutique level of personalised management with professional representation of your property to the rental market. 

We hear you and we are solving your property management problems!

​In our first month of operation in Blackwater the most reported concern of both owners and tenants is the disconnection of communication between all parties. Rental Platform has opened lines of communication with Blackwater investors, tenants, property management and maintenance providers! Everyone is kept in the loop.

At Rental Platform we 'get it' that you want a stress free property management experience that comes from being able to rely on your agent's proactive performance. We believe strongly that property management is about building relationships and you will be kept informed of what is happening at your property, within our agency and within the industry.
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Staying Connected is the Key!
Staying Connected is Key!  
A familiar question asked is how we can manage Blackwater property from our Gold Coast office. Simply, we have been managing from afar for many years. Having our own family property in this great mining town community we have built a strong network of local contractors and support staff. Our local support team are there to open your vacant property and provide 'on the ground' service. All tenancy inspections are completed by our core team who travel to Blackwater frequently. 

Rental Platform gives you continuity of communication with Tamison McFarlane directly. Tamison is the owner of the business and qualified at senior management level. 
You are connected at the highest point!

Hear about it from our satisfied clients;
Rental Platform Blackwater managed property
Tamison from Rental Platform has by far been the best Property Manager we have ever had manage our investment properties. Tamison goes above and beyond in all aspects of property management and we are very grateful that she offers her services in different locations. Even though Tamison is not residing where most of the properties in her portfolio are located she has a team close by to assist when she is not scheduled to be in the town. We highly recommend Tamison and guarantee you will not regret appointing her to manage your investment.  N.Smith & E.Webb - Wattle St, Blackwater

Rental Platform Backwater managed properties
We have greatly appreciated the hard work and dedication of Tamison McFarlane from Rental Platform; particularly in recent economically challenging times. Her support and professional acumen has enabled us to continue leasing our property in Blackwater, whilst many others in the town have sadly experienced long-term vacancies.
We have found that, despite the Rental Platform’s head office being located outside of the town, the level of service we receive, plus Tamison’s keen understanding of the area’s rental situation, is second to none. R.Bignell & G.Rooney - Kurrajong St, Blackwater 

Rental Platform Blackwater managed properties
After spending almost 5 years changing real estate agents in Blackwater, I gave my properties to Tamison McFarlane of Rental Platform to manage. Within the first week even before getting a formal handover Tamison did a quick review of the property to advise me of the actual condition supported by site pictures and proposed a plan for rectification of the defects. This was followed by a focused campaign to get my properties rented. Both my houses are now rented and as per Tamison's advice I have addressed the outstanding issues which if left unattended would have led to deterioration of the houses.
Tamison's approach is transparent and proactive, always keeping me informed of the developments and her activities related to my houses which gives me peace of mind that my properties and the tenants are well looked after. I recommend Rental Platform to anyone looking for a professional, fair and reasonably priced real estate service in Blackwater. J. Mistry - Gidyea St, Blackwater

Rental Platform managed properties
Tamison and the Rental Platform team do an excellent job to keep our properties running smoothly. Even though they are not located in the town, the property inspections are carried out regularly, professionally and thoroughly. 
Since crossing to Rental Platform our incoming rent is finally up to date. We have less problems with our tenant because of the professional way she deals with them. 

Very happy with Rental Platform and would highly recommend their service.  J. Preston - Boonery St, Blackwater
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Rental Platform operates with a firm but fair approach. Our team respect you with professional courtesy for the honour you bestow in entrusting our agency to handle your Blackwater investment's property management matters. As our client you can also be assured that your tenants will also receive the same consideration having chosen to rent their home through Rental Platorm.

Meet our Rental Platform Blackwater Team!

Rental Platform takes pride in providing an invariable high level of client service and property care. From the very first meeting we want to get to know you and understand your motivations and expectations to establish the parameters that tailor your property management service. We know who you are when you call and which property you own and who your tenants are, giving that personalised and professional attention.

At Rental Platform, whilst we have a team approach to support your investment
you will deal with Rental Platform's Principal, Tamison McFarlane, on a regular basis.
This gives you and your tenant a stable point of contact for all property and tenancy matters.

Tamison has 25 years experience in property management complemented by life experience. Whilst we recognise that Rental Platform has been entrusted with your significant financial investment that we must protect, we also acknowledge we are dealing with people. We address this by operating under a firm but fair approach to all.
Property management is our focal business and what we know best. When you engage Rental Platform, you are investing in your business. 

We build strong relationships!

We work with integrity and passion!

We provide a high standard of service and property care!

We work for your rental success and long term capital gain!

We make property management and renting really easy!

Blackwater Properties to Rent
Tamison McFarlane
Principal | Director
0449 064 461
Pete McFarlane
Assistant Property Manager
Alaana Dray
Office Administrator
Karen White
Commercial Property Management Consultant
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Property Management vs Asset Management
Rental Platform Blackwater - proactive property maintenance

Our routine inspections are not just an aesthetic walk through of your property. We will identify and set reminders for recurring maintenance and keep you appraised of long term maintenance in natural ageing.

Pictorial inspection reports are emailed to our landlords after every routine property inspection.

Is your house on adjustable stumps?
How long ago was your house levelled? 
​​Prevent major structural damage with scheduled routine maintenance.

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Property Marketing
Rental Platform - Blackwater Property Management

Whilst the current rental market displays more supply than demand, tenants have the choice of multiple houses to rent. It is not enough to list your property and wait for your tenant to come. We are 'thinking outside the box' to capture your new tenant's attention. 

We send weekly updates to landlords giving market feedback of their property.
Rental Platform - Stand out rental homes

How does your property compare to similar homes?
What is being done to make your property stand out from other available homes?
​Maximise your marketing strategy with Rental Platform's expertise.

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Tenant Selection
Rental Platform Tenant Selection

With higher vacancy rates evident, tenant selection is crucial. Not every application is going to be suitable and your vacancy should not be the deciding factor to accept an application. It could in fact be more costly to let the wrong person have tenant rights over your property. 

We screen all applicants thoroughly and make our recommendations for your final decision.
Do you know who your tenant is?
Have you received all tenancy paperwork for your property?
Your tenants are renting your investment worth well over $100,000. You need to know what paperwork you have to protect you and your property.

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Client Testimonials

Thrilled with your work

J. & W.Preston (Blackwater Investors)

You truly are the best property manager

E. Smith (Blackwater Investor)

I have not dealt with a more effective agency

C. Blanco (Tenant)

'How refreshing it is to be able to communicate with you'

K. Walton (Tenant)

Rental Platform - Property Management Specialists

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Staying connected with our Blackwater Landlords.

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